Friday, September 23, 2011

Another Season, Another Reason... for being nauseous

I love government.

Let me rephrase that, I love what government is SUPPOSED to be. Tearing myself away from my original Political Science major to my eventual Theatre major in college was tough- necessary, but tough. Poli Sci classes were always fun for me, always engaging and rarely missed. I was also good at it.

Law and government are in my blood. I have many lawyers in my family and my grandmother worked in the New Orleans court system for so long she knew just about everyone there is to know in Louisiana politics.

"The West Wing" resonated with me from start to, well, the final season. That show correctly struck a chord with the idealistic and loyal American in me who wants this country to be what it always has had the ability to be.

Yes, it's safe to say: I love government.

However, the state of the union as it exists is disgusting. There is no two ways about it. Our President has shown himself to be a man with a very delicate backbone. Our House of Congress, ruled by the opposing party, has shown their complete unwillingness to negotiate for the sake of our country (though who can blame them when your President just lies down and caves to your every demand). We are at a constant political deadlock and the result has been our economy being sucked further and further down the toilet, as well as the (questionable) downgrading of our world credit rating by one of the three international credit companies.

A political conversation in today's world:
GOP: "Major cut in spending, no new taxes."
Sean Hannity: "Way to go Mr Speaker!"
Democrats: "Cut spending as a last resort, raise the taxes on the rich."
Rush Limbaugh: "Are you joking? What about all the (something racist)?!"
President: "Cut SOME spending, raise the tax rate on the rich so that they're paying their fair share. Pleeeeeeease Mr Boehner?"
GOP: No.
President: Pretty please?
Limbaugh: Pussy.
GOP: No.
Hannity and Limbaugh: Obama, the Socialist, just can't get anything done! What kind of a president is this? He's a radical Muslim socialist who wants to send your parents and grandparents to death panels and drive this country into debt with a Socialist health care plan, that's what he is!
GOP: Oh by the way, move your State Of The Union address this week- it's interefering with Bass Masters on ESPN.
President: Ok John! We're still friends, right?

Meanwhile, the stock market drops 4oo points in one day and the entire year's worth of gains for most investors are lost in one single market session.

Each Republican Debate is like reading the New York Times comic strips on Sunday morning... and yet, I'm not completely convinced Obama is worth re-electing. I've always believed we deserve better than the lesser of two evils- and 2012 is no different. So, how am I going to vote?

Is there any Republican who is trustworthy and not completely bat-shit insane? Is Obama ever going to grow a set of balls and actually lead this country?

I guess we just have to stay tuned and find out... if I have the stomach to continue watching/listening/enduring our current political climate for 13 1/2 more months.