Friday, December 19, 2008

T-minus 4 days...

until I return home to New Orleans.
well, i go to Texas first- see the family there, spend a few days on the pops' Ranch and then to The Big Easy.

i'm pretty stoked.

after 5 1/2 years, Los Angeles is my home. but, my Home is New Orleans. I guess you could get technical and say that the South is my home, but New Orleans is where most of my family and my friends are.

it's about this time every year- that is to say first week or so in December- that i get burned out on Los Angeles. it becomes hard to work, hard to socialize, hard to even audition. it just gets to be enough. time to recharge, time to reboot, time to get back to the roots and have some relaxing time with the family. eat good food, catch up with the folks, play some tennis, watch how much the little brothers and sisters have grown, maybe do some shootin' on the Ranch (okay, so yes we are a little redneck).

Los Angeles...well, it is what it is. It's amazing.
But sometimes you have to pull the plug on it.

So, then i go home and when i return i am ready again. by the time i come back, i long for my own life out here again. I take the time I'm at home to forget about L.A. for a little bit--- but then after maybe the first half of the trip, is when I've cleared my head and I start to put together my Goal List for the year (both professionally and personally) and I write and I just find the motivation again.

The holidays have to be taken seriously.
You have to re-charge so you don't truly burn out.

That's an important lesson I've learned.

*I'll try to follow up with pictures of my trip, the ranch, the fam, the friends and so on...*

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I could never be President.

Senator, maybe. Congressman, most likely.

But, I'm too worried about making people like me. I'd get bought in a second if the lobbyist were charming enough.

But, boyyyyy do I like some Barack Obama!!!
Go youtube his Meet The Press with Brokaw from today.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


I've got my eye on you.
I've kinda let this go on too long without the
whatever you wanna call it
and now it's time for me to get ya.
Time for you to get me.
cuz, really, all this dancing around it
is just plain stupid.